About Setagaya Silk

Setagaya Silk is founded in Tokyo, Japan, in 2008. The art style of Setagaya Silk is described as ‘The art with a sense of humor’ which depicts the curious moments of daily life. All performers are expected to be able to dance because of the physical theater performance style Setagaya Silk takes in.

Recently, the company focuses on three sections; the open air theater, children plays and international collaborations. Also Setagaya Silk is receptive to the technique of Edo String Puppet Company and Hachiouji Kuruma Ningyo.

Setagaya Silk works on its original theater form ‘Non-Verbal Play’ to deliver the story directly to the international audiences.


Honoh Horikawa

The producer, director and choreographer of Setagaya Silk

She learned Hanayagi School of Japanese dance and classic ballet at Matsuyama Ballet School

Marina Shimoyama

A member of Setagaya Silk since 2011

The instructor of aerobics, a pelvis exercise, and body making

Kimi Takei

A member of Setagaya Silk since 2015

She graduated from London Studio Centre and has BA Honor in Theatre Dance

Yuko Sato

A member of Setagaya Silk since 2018

She learned modern ballet at Maya Ballet Studio, and also classic ballet and Pilates

Koyu Umino

A member of Setagaya Silk since 2018

He works with lots of theatre companies in Japan as an all-round staff

Award Records

2010  Setagaya Arts Award ‘Hisho’ in Performing Arts section

2013  Toga Concour Encouragement Award Audience Award


2012.1 Next Generation “Migratory birds wait for the signal” Theatre Tram, Tokyo  

2013.8 BeSeTo Festival “Mr.Fujino” Komaba Agora Theatre, Tokyo

2014.4 The Ninth Performance “Beautiful Hippolyta” Kichijoji Theatre, Tokyo

.6 Japan Playwrights Association “The tour of hot spring by a stork” Genbudo, Hyogo

.10 The Tenth Performance “The landscape with a red bird” Za-Koenji1, Tokyo

2016.5 Setouchi Triennale “~Open air theatre~ Le Petit Prince” Syamijima, Kagawa

2017.2 TPAM fringe “Kon-Kon/The Remaining” Sakura WORKS, Kanagawa

.9 Parthenon Tama Festival “The house with a carp” Kirameki no Ike, Tokyo

.11 Japan-Sweden cooperative production “Mysterious Shadow” Kinosaki Arts Centre, Hyogo/Other

2018.1 sponsored by Sendai Cultural Foundation “workshop and performance” Miyagi

.2 TPAM fringe “The Remaining 2018” BUKATSUDO, Kanagawa

International Performance

2016.7 Avignon Festival Original dance performance in open-air Avignon, France

2017.3 Japan-Sweden cooperative production “Mysterious Shadow” Gothenburg, Sweden

2018.8 Japan-India cooperative production “Bamboo Princess” Mussoorie and Delhi, India

Contact Us

General Enquiry: info@setagaya-silk.com